Orton Gillingham Reading Specialists was established in 2003 by Karen Sonday, M. Ed. and Fellow of the Academy of Orton Gillingham Practitioners and Educators.  Karen and her mother, Arlene Sonday, are co-authors of The Sonday System Essentials OG-based curriculum.  Karen and the OGRS programs are certified by the International Dyslexia Association and Karen is a speaker and teacher trainer nationally and internationally.

Orton Gillingham Reading Specialist does two things:

  1. We teach struggling readers how to read.
  2. We teach educators how to teach struggling readers.

Karen personally supervises each educator and their training so that consistency and fidelity are maintained among the entire teaching staff, producing an extremely effective program for both teachers and students.

As teaching professionals, we're constantly honing our skills, improving our techniques and learning - ongoing professional development is mandatory for our educators.

As a team, we are sharing students, ideas, strategies, best practices, and insights. Involving more than one staff member with each student allows us to bring multiple perspectives and ranges of experience to each one.

As a center, we strive to stay up-to-date on new research and incorporate it into our teaching. In order to promote consistency and cohesiveness, it's important that we see ourselves as part of a larger entity rather than individual units.

As people, we are truly invested in the success of each individual student - child or adult.

Annette Bruscino
M.Ed. School Psychology; B.S. Social Science; Ed. S. School Psychology
Staff Specialist

Megan Carchedi
B.A. Early Childhood Ed.
Staff Specialist

Tracie Ditty
B.A. Early Childhood Ed.
Team Lead and Master Specialist

Katherine Englund
B.A. Elementary Ed.
Master Specialist

Maggie Klimisch
Curriculum and Instruction; B.A. Elementary Ed.; OG-CT
Team Lead and Master Specialist

Nancy Nakaoka

Jenny Nelson
M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction; B.A. Religion/South Asian Studies
Staff Specialist

Terri Nelson
M.A. Special Ed.; B.A. Secondary Ed.
Staff Specialist

Abbe Pedersen
Director of Communications and Human Resources

Rhonda Rademacher
M.S. Behavior-Autism Focus, M.S. Business, B.S. Business
Staff Specialist

Karen Sonday
M.A. Special Ed; B.A. Child Psychology; F/AOGPE
Owner/Executive Director

Not Pictured: Tegwin Rome, B.S. Industrial Engineering, Staff Specialist

Brenda Zehnder
M.S. Ed; B.S. Elementary Ed; CALPDirector of Finance and Operations
Master Specialist

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