Dyslexia for Newbies , by Kelli Sandman-Hurley.  Great article for those new to dyslexia.

Hard Words, Why Aren't Kids Being Taught to Read?, by Emily Hanford, American Public Media Journalist

Navigating the School System when a Child is Struggling with Reading or Dyslexia (PDF), MN Dept. of Education


Teaching Materials

OG games and teaching materials


Access to audiobooks.


OG-based reading and spelling curriculum


An Accessible Online Library for people with print disabilities


Scholastic Book
Book ideas for specific reading levels.






ecoding Dyslexia
A Parent-Led Grassroots Movement for Dyslexia


Dreaming Dylexic
A Parent-Led Group Kids



Dyslexia Parent Alliance



- Simon Technology Center


Technology consulting service.



Legal Resources

2019 Minnesota Statutes

Legal issues in education.