Seminars designed especially for OG practitioners on English language structure and strategies, for those serious about making changes in students’ lives.

Learn current research and best practices, along with practical application. You’ll expand your knowledge base so you can work with a wider variety of students. A truly masterful teacher and OG practitioner has developed the intuition that is the result of many years of extensive training, effective execution and deep knowledge. It's a lifelong process. You will learn the what and why as well as the how, which includes strategies that you can implement right away in your practice.

  • Seminars are held on the 4th Thursday of the month.
  • Clock hour/CEU certificates are issued.
  • Our office: 952.920.9280

Upcoming Professional Development Series Event
THURSDAY, AUGUST 23, 2018, 7:00 PM

Word Sums? Word Matrix?

Everyone is doing word investigation these days. What is it and how is it done? In this seminar, we give an overview of one way of doing word investigation and the tools available for use. We'll also talk about the main drivers of English Orthography. English is complex but not illogical!

Clock hour/CEU certificates will be issued.
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