Sessions from School

Online Sessions from School!

Let’s make your life a little easier.  Students in third grade or older can now have their OGRS reading session during the school day, at their school, via Zoom!  


How do Online Sessions from School work?

  1. A parent initiates the request with the student’s school. The request may be accommodated under the student’s IEP, 504 or other learning plan, if applicable.
  2. A parent or other adult who can troubleshoot computer issues attends the first session to make sure that the student has what they need and knows how to sign onto Zoom.
  3. Student shows up at the appointed place and time with paper and dark pen. No other materials will be needed at the session.
  4. Practice Work assignments for the week will be emailed to the parent. Parent(s) must do this Practice Work with their student each day they do not have a session.
  5. All assessments, conferences and progress updates with Reading Specialists will occur as usual, and the normal scheduling policies will apply.

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