Successful Online Sessions

Successful Online Sessions

We have been very successful in converting our in-person sessions to online person-to-person sessions.  They have been more convenient for parents – saving gas and time!  But there are a few things that we need our students and parents to do in order to make their Orton Gillingham reading sessions really effective.

First, please review the technology requirements for a  Zoom session.

The student will need:

  1. A strong and fast internet connection.
  2. A computer that is new enough to support programs such as Zoom.
  3. A laptop* or desktop computer with a camera.  (*iPads, Kindles, etc. do not work well.  Also, Chrome Books have major limitations when using Zoom.))
  4. A set of noise-canceling headphones with a microphone.
  5. A dedicated, quiet spot for the reading sessions – it should have a table or desk, and a real chair.
  6. Paper and a dark-color pen.
  7. All OG materials nearby, at the ready.
  8. A parent nearby, in case of tech needs (for younger students)

Some things are a real hazard to the success of a session:

  1. Eating and drinking during a session.
  2. Background noise such as talking, doing dishes, loud pets/siblings in the area.
  3. Trying to do the session from bed or on the couch, floor, etc.
  4. Having a television on in the area.
  5. Resistance to attending the session.