In school, as in life, there is no more important skill than reading. If your student struggles with reading, writing, or spelling, call us for ways that we can help your student improve these skills.

We are providing our one-to-one, individualized, interactive and highly effective reading, writing, and spelling instruction online, synchronously via Zoom!

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Save Big on Tuition

Take advantage of our Orton Gillingham ReSIT Program!

ReSIT stands for Reading-Specialist-In-Training. These educators need students to work with as they earn their practicum hours for certification as an Orton Gillingham Practitioner.

Supervised by our Master Specialists, they deliver Orton Gillingham tutoring, your child learns to read, and you get a great deal – it’s a win-win situation!


Join the thousands of educators who are learning structured literacy - there is so much to know! 

Don't miss our next synchronous online Orton Gillingham Cohort! Become an Orton Gillingham practitioner and help struggling students learn to read.

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Monthly synchronous lectures, workshops, or book studies led by OGRS staff instructors. Topics include teaching strategies, skill-building, and language structure. Appropriate for anyone with OG background.


Become an Orton Gillingham Practitioner!  Join one of our synchronous ONLINE cohorts – offered year-round.  Cohorts include lecture and practicum.  No prior experience needed. 

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