Orton Gillingham Certification

Did you know that you can become certified in Orton Gillingham through OGRS? 

We now offer a leveled certification program that allows you to get your initial certification within one year!


Why should I become certified through OGRS?

While there are other organizations that provide certification, each of them has a slightly different approach to teaching OG, differing qualifications for becoming certified, and different benefits.  Our goal is to provide the most member benefits while creating a vibrant Orton Gillingham Professional Learning Community for you (The OG PLaCe) – all in addition to maintaining your credential!

More about The OG PLaCe below!


Who can apply for Orton Gillingham certification through OGRS?

Any educator who has completed Orton Gillingham training through Orton Gillingham Reading Specialists!


How long does it take to become certified?

It depends on what level of certification you want and how much work you’ve done already.  Check this prerequisites chart to see how your current level of training matches the certification requirements.

Happy interns and 60s aged boss woman team leader look at camera showing thumbs finger up advertising company services, celebrating career growth, successful teamwork, collaboration, approval concept
C-OGRS-I Certified to teach Beginning Readers 35 120 supervised 6
C-OGRS-II Certified to teach Intermediate Readers 60 240 supervised 12
C-OGRS-III Certified to teach Advanced Readers 72 1200 independent 18
C-OGRS-IV Master Specialist - Highly experienced and trained for all Readers 87 6000 independent 28
C-OGRS-V Instructor of Reading Specialists TBD TBD TBD

I don’t have enough practicum hours and/or observations.  How do I get more?

For the first two certification levels – take our Extended Practica!

Sign up for an Extended Practicum – you will receive up to 60 supervised practicum hours with our students for each practicum taken, with an option for three or four full-length observations.

For higher certification levels, your total hours would be a combination of supervised practica with us and independent work with students.


I’m ready to apply for Orton Gillingham certification. How do I get started?

  1. Double-check the prerequisites chart to see if you have the necessary coursework hours, practicum hours, and observations to apply.
  2. Request an application!
  3. Call (952) 920-9280 and speak with our Executive Director or email her at, or fill out the Contact Us section at the bottom of any page on our website.


How much does it cost to apply for certification? 

            The application fee for each level of certification is $185.00.


What happens if I apply for certification and am deferred?

We will advise you about what you need to do to move forward.  (A refresher training, an Extended Practicum, or just more practice.) If you reapply, you will not have to pay another application fee for the certification level for which you were deferred.


How do I maintain my certification and membership each year?

  • Complete 10 OGRS CEUs; submit them in your The OG PLaCe membership portal.
  • Pay The OG PLaCe membership dues annually.


How do I get CEUs?

Take ten OGRS CEUs (Continuing Education Units) from a list of OGRS-approved sources.  Then complete the requirement associated with the material.  A list of approved sources will be provided.  Some examples are:

  • OGRS Recitations and Advanced Seminars
  • Topical Books
  • Attending the Mastery Series hosted by OGRS
  • Webinars
  • Conference Attendance


What’s included in The OG PLaCe Membership?

It depends on your membership level.

Maintain your Orton Gillingham Certification x March of 2023
Be listed in our Membership Directory x x June of 2023
Monthly Group Q & A Sessions with Karen x x March of 2023
Access to OGRS teaching materials x x June of 2023
Access to The OG Chat PLaCe teacher forum x x June of 2023
Member Level Recitations x x In 2023 - March, April, and May
Member Level Recitations x x In 2024 - February and April
Certified Member Advanced Content Seminars x In 2024 - January, March, and May
Access to Refresher OG Instruction Videos x January of 2024
Latest Resources x January of 2024
Annual The OG PLaCe Membership $229 $279

What are some of the recitation/seminar topics?

Recitations Advanced Level Seminars
What makes a strong lesson plan? Assimilated Prefixes
Syllable Division High-Level Syllables
Pre-Reading Skills Endings Rules
Using Eliciting Questions Advanced Level Error Correction
Principles of OG Advanced Suffixes
What is Structured Literacy Teaching Roots


How long is each of the recitations and seminars?  Ninety minutes (Earns 1.5 OGRS CEUs)