Other Comments – Reading Specialist Programs

From two Fall 2020 Cohort Attendees:  “Their commitment to our learning and extraordinary wealth of knowledge as supervisors is unparalleled.”   “Overall great experience and fabulous teachers!

“The staff of Orton-Gillingham Reading Specialists provides the best resources for tutors and classroom teachers! The quality of the research, planning, and the creative teaching at the seminars are great! Each seminar offers a relevant, specifically useful topic that inspires me as a tutor.”  – Ray Anderson

From a Summer 2020 Cohort attendee:  “Thank you so much for teaching me the Orton-Gillingham approach to reading this summer.  It was truly the best practicum I have ever been a part of!  I am so grateful that you shared your time and expertise with me.”  Sincerely, Nicole

Other Comments  – Student Programs

April 2021 – A student texted her mom: “I am crying for joy. I can read, Mommy. I can read fast, good, and persistent. Thank you so much for not giving up on me and for making me stick through it all. It means the world to me.”  Angi H.

November 2020- “Super exciting to see his progress.  Your guidance has been the difference.  I only regret not doing OG sooner!”– Kelly K. – current parent 

“Yes, I witnessed two miracles last night, right in my own home. Chris had disappeared from my immediate view, and I could not hear him, so I knew something was up. As I approached the living room, I HEARD HIM READING A BOOK! It was a graphic novel with Captain Underpants’ friend, I think. He read the entire thing in one sitting and then bragged about having read 80-some pages. Then a second, even more miraculous miracle occurred: Jen, not to be outdone by her little brother, PICKED UP A BOOK AND READ FOR A FEW MINUTES BEFORE BED! ” – Kathy

“After missing more than half of her second-grade year due to health issues, my daughter was able to start third grade with her classmates, thanks to the instruction she received.” – Meg S., South Minneapolis