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“I can't say enough good things about Orton Gillingham . . . and highly recommend it for any child struggling to read.”

“Our tutoring experience has been wonderful and his growth in reading has been remarkable.”

Very thankful we found OGRS, they have been a lifesaver for us - no more struggling with how and what to do to improve reading skills; seen huge improvements in the four months we’ve been here.

“Our child has benefited immensely from OGRS. The teachers are the perfect blend of extremely competent and generously caring. I would strongly recommend the program to parents who are looking for a big proactive step in helping their struggling reader learn to read.”

(From a 2nd grader in ReSiT) “Dad! I can read now!  Almost anything except words like anthropology.”

“A thousand thank-you’s (sic) for all of your support, generosity, and insight throughout (his) reading journey. I am forever grateful to you.”

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